I'm Stefanie and I believe living so loud it echos in the dark. Okay so that's from a song, but in all seriousness I've been around branding, websites, creative arts and everything in between since I was able to crawl. It all started with colouring on the walls... Then we dabbled in point and shoot cameras, various arts and so many websites. I've spent most of my life in the lower mainland and now call Langley home with my two dogs and fiancé Ryan.

But let's fast forward a little. I have been creating web sites since I was 12 years old, and professionally with over 10 years experience.  Shortly along the line I switched my career to photography, a not so new passion that just grew into a business while still working in the web & graphic design industries. While I have education in Marketing and Communication and loved my career as a Graphic and Web Designer, photography just spoke to me a little louder. I just got so energized in bringing out the best version of people - and I'm a little chatty and people talk more than computers. I am now a full time photographer - primarily in photographing portraits and weddings. There's the business and personal sides so if you'd love to see the weddings site - go here. The web world still follows me a little though as I am still offering consulting services for SEO and design. So I can get you started in the right direction, tweak a few items and go from there. Even if you need a full scale marketing project, I'd be happy to connect you with local professionals who can get the job done.

So what does that mean for you? It means I know marketing, I know branding and I know social media and the big world wide web. Having that background will help you stand out against the rest of the people out there just hiring photographers to do their head shot. I LOVE feeling like my clients can approach me with anything, get a sense of who I am just by browsing my websites and I am passionate about showcasing YOUR passions to the world through great images.

Let's chat about how you can stand out to your markets by focussing on what is the most important asset in your business - you.

Check out my video to learn a little more about me.